Turnkey Packaging Solutions from the Inside Out

We start with a simple process: Listening.

The result – solutions designed, manufactured, and delivered with each customer’s business needs at the center.

Corrugated Boxes

We didn’t invent the corrugated box, but we’ve been making them them for more than 50 years. Our customers stick with us because we deliver not only a consistently high-quality product, but exceptional care and service.

  • Lightweight and clean
  • Cushions products throughout the supply chain
  • Provides stacking strength, which helps stabilize contents
  • Sized to any product to reduce freight costs
  • Printing capabilities for high-impact graphics
  • 100% Recyclable
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Corrugated Plastic Boxes

We design and manufacture custom corrugated plastic packaging for returnable use, or to serve as one-way packaging for products that require protection from moisture, humidity and dust. our 35-year history and experience designing corrugated plastic solutions makes us a clear choice for your consideration.

  • Strong and reusable, perfect for long term use
  • Resists tears, punctures or crushing
  • No need for costly molds
  • Doesn’t shed or pollute the workplace with dust
  • Easily screen-printed or labeled for easy identification
  • Provides a natural cushion with shock-absorbing corrugation
  • Easy to clean
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Corrugated Honeycomb

We’ve been producing corrugated honeycomb for over 50 years, and in just the past three years alone, we have produced over 100 million pieces of high-quality, corrugated honeycomb fillers.

  • A leader in supplying the hollow core door industry
  • Our sanding process allows us to achieve the demanding +/- .010 of an inch tolerance
  • Manufacturing consistency fosters superior bonds when gluing
  • Delivers incredible strength-to-weight ratio
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Load Securement

Damage during shipping is costly and unnecessary. We create custom load securement solutions that eliminate expensive credits and product rework and help maintain customer satisfaction.

  • More than 35 years of corrugated load securement design expertise that ensures your custom solution will be precisely what you need.
  • Our manufacturing team is committed to delivering your load securement solution in perfect condition, ready to use.
  • Our corrugated solutions are 100% recyclable, helping you achieve sustainability goals.
  • Lightweight, easy to handle and simple to load in place.
  • Lab certified and field tested
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